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Booking service

We are an expert of booking service.

We, e.shipping Co., Ltd are the company under the umbrella of Suzue Corporation which has more than hundred years history of logistics business, and made a fresh start on November 2016 in order to offer service focusing on collecting cargoes. To meet wide variety of demands from customers who make studies of importing and exporting cargoes between the ports from all over Japan and world, We provide our unique booking service suggesting the best and the most suitable route and price for each customer.
In the service routes, we use network of Suzue Corporation's shipping company clients and are targeting the ports all over the world.
Going forward, We are going to put all our mind heart into this business to be your best partner.


What is e.shipping's booking service..?

Total support

e.shipping fully supports your total logistics
with all our groups' abilities.

Suzue group uses technical skills of terminal operation which have been cultivated throughout long history at both Tokyo and Yokohama Terminals, and pursues an availability with the latest but environmentally responsible hard infrastructures such as cargo handling equipment and superior system.
We work together in close coordination with our shipping company clients, arrange various functions and provide customers our logistics service.

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