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Terms of Use

Thank you for visiting e.shipping Corporation's official website: http://www.eshipping.co.jp/en/index.html (hereinafter the "Website"). Prior to making use of this website, we would like you to read the following terms and conditions carefully and proceed with its use only if you agree with and will abide by them. Please understand that your access to this website constitutes your full acceptance of these terms and conditions.

1. Copyright and trademarks

All content and materials of this Website (including but not limited to trademarks and logo marks) are protected by copyrights, trademarks or other proprietary rights and laws. Excluding instances of situations recognized by the laws, acts such as duplication, public transmission, diversion, displaying without obtaining our prior permission, are prohibited.

2. Privacy policy

When using our inquiry service, you may be asked to register personal information such as name, e-mail address or permanent address. Your personal information will be used for identification and reference purposes only.
We will manage your personal information appropriately and safely so that it is not illegally accessed, lost, altered or misused.

3. Links

You may not establish a hyperlink to this website without the prior written permission of our company. Also, we make no guarantee of any kind regarding the content of websites that are linked from this website and are operated independently by a third party.

4. Disclaimers

We reserve the right to change any or all contents or the services of this Website without prior notice. We shall not be held liable for any damages that may be caused by the use of this Website.

Privacy Policy

In this highly information-oriented society, we pledge to recognize the significance of Personal Information and that, the proper handling of this Personal Information is an important obligation. Therefore, we have established the following polices for the custody of Personal Information.

  1. We comply with all laws and regulations related to the custody of Personal Information and handle it appropriately.
  2. Upon acquiring Personal Information, we will specify the purpose for which that information will be used, and acquire the Personal Information in proper and fair procedures.
  3. We deal with the Personal Information we have acquired within the scope of the specified purpose or those rationally related when it is essential for the operation of our business.
  4. We will establish the necessary measures and engage in the appropriate supervision to prevent any disclosure or loss of, or tampering with any personal Information.
  5. If we receive a request from any client in relation to whom we have custody of Personal Information, to disclose, amend, delete or cease using that information, we will set up Personal Information Response Office and respond to it quickly according to laws regulations.
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